INTRODUCING PSENSE Basic Office ICT Skill Certification

The PSENSE Basic Office ICT Skills Certification tests and certifies your level of proficiency in using ICT to carry out work-related tasks. There is one question on every employers mind when recruiting? "Is this person able to take on the responsibilities of this job?"

A PSENSE certification answers that question on your behalf. The PSENSE Basic Office ICT Skills test runs a live version of the software being tested and scores you on your ability to carry out assigned tasks. Therefore you can back up the 'ICT proficiency' caption on your CV with a certification that employers know and trust.

PSENSE is an employability skills testing platform with partner organizations across different industries in Nigeria who have embraced and endorsed PSENSE as a credible measure of work-readiness. PSENSE is a product of Poise’ Graduate Finishing Academy and it runs on software developed by Biddle Consulting, USA. …read more

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