About Us

The PSENSE testing and certification platform is built to serve as a credible and objective checkpoint of work-related skills. The PSENSE tests look-like and feel-like work and as a result the PSENSE certification assures every employer that you are ready to hit the ground running and that you will be an asset as a member of their staff.

PSENSE Employability Skills testing is a combination of a computer based assessment, one on one assessment and training. The ICT Proficiency Exam is a computer based test. The PSENSE platform has partner organizations across different industries that have embraced and endorsed the certification as a credible measure of work-readiness. They look out for the PSENSE certification while recruiting and as a result, this certification will give you a true edge and ensure you stand out in your search for the right job.

About Poise' Graduate Finishing Academy

Poise' Graduate Finishing Academy is a subsidiary of Poise Nigeria an organization that has been in the business of transforming organizations for over 13years. Our goal is to Re-engineer the Nation's Workforce by providing employability skills training and certification. In summary, we train people in the job market and help them get jobs (with an employment rate of over 85% of our graduates). We do this by Bridging the GAP between the KNOWLEDGE gotten from formal education and the SKILLS required for success in life and career (including Entrepreneurship).

PoiseGFA is partnering with Biddle Consulting USA to offer this test which allows employers to be sure of a candidates’ preparedness for the work-place in terms of hard and soft skills.

PoiseGFA is endorsed by the Presidency and by the National Universities Commission. For more information about how Poise is solving Nigeria’s employability challenge and also to see a list of our partners and collaborators, visit: www.psense.org

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